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Production company

Elbrus TV

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Alexander Novoseltsev

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Head of Translation

Mehdi Adlany

Music Director

Maestro Gianmaria Griglio

Recording Engineer

Adaq Khan

The series

Dublin in the Republic of Ireland is a UNESCO City of Literature, and for a city of modest size, has produced three Noble Laureates of the art form: the influential poet William Butler Yeats, the prolific dramatist George Bernard Shaw, and the prodigiously resourceful Samuel Beckett.  Elbrus TV’s series on the life and works of Dublin’s famous writers features twelve of them who have made an important contribution to national or international literature – sometimes thriving in spite of the country rather than because of it.

We explore the possible reasons why the city had such a proliferation of literary talent, and what influenced the writings. Why, post-independence, were some of the city’s writers suppressed in a campaign of rampant censorship? How James Joyce, a name as famous as the city’s black beer, was so rigorously tested during his lifetime – rejection by publishers, objection by printers, confiscation by custom officials, attack by critics – but today his works are required reading in college courses.

The writers being featured in the series are; Beckett, Behan, Joyce, Shaw, Swift, Synge, Wilde, Gogarty, Yeats, Stoker, O’Casey, and Le Fanu.  The aim of the series is to bring the writers to a new audience both at home and abroad.  And it is also hoped to encourage visitors to the city, which takes great pride in its literary heritage.  This is illustrated in place names, statues, and even three of the river Liffey’s bridges named in honour of the writers. It is simply not possible to visit Dublin without being touched by its renowned literary pedigree.

The Dublin’s Writers series is an independent production, devoid of any arts-type grant assistance.  It is an Open Participatory Arts Project in which private individuals with an interest in literature, as well as corporate entities, can play an invaluable part by supporting the project, either by making a modest donation, or by becoming a Friend or Corporate Patron. This will provide invaluable production support ensuring the series can be enjoyed by many like minded people across the globe, through the translation, dubbing, and subtitling of it into a range of languages, making it more widely accessible internationally.

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A philanthropic project

Elbrus TV is delighted that this production forms part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives, working towards improving the community and having real public benefit. Revenues generated from this project will be donated to that most revered Dublin-based charity, The Capuchin Day Centre, which provides food aid, supports the homeless and socially excluded, and provides medical care to those in need.

Our Art Shop

We are immensely pleased to have commissioned caricatures of our 12 featured writers from the renowned artist Alexander Novoseltsev.  Alexander has been working with us on another major project and his work has justly received widespread acclaim.  As the caricatures are completed, they are being produced as limited edition giclée canvas prints and will be available on our shop page.  So far we have Joyce, Wilde, Beckett, Shaw, Swift, and Yeats.


“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.”  The words of Dublin born statesman Edmund Burke aptly serve to illustrate that the most modest of donations will make a world of difference to bringing this worthy project to fruition. The price of a coffee is all it takes, and you can feel justly proud of being a part of it.

Become a Friend

Our Friends are cultural collaborators.  The are lovers of the arts and value its heritage. They recognise the educational contribution the Dublin’s Writers series will make to promoting the works of the featured writers. And they help make the series entirely philanthropic, ensuring it benefits the work of the respected charity the Capuchin Day Centre.

Corporate Patrons

The arts to such a large extent, remain dependent on the beneficence of those who subscribe to the belief that art and culture not only gives value to us individually – intellectually, psychologically, and emotionally, but that society itself benefits.  The support of our Corporate Patrons will help engender literary appreciation and also inspire creativity.

Our PayPal merchant ID is Baikal Developments Limited, our parent company, as in the footer below

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